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And systems are based control to open and close the doors are automatic and a control to allow the people to exist in certain places and at specific times and daily given, weekly, monthly, yearly … etc., as desired by the users of the system, including attendance and leave  and the number of times entry and exit to any individual or group of beneficiaries of the system can also be linked to Time & Attendance system.

The idea of ​​the system works:

 Door lock is installed on the doors to be controlled and linked to the control panel and open and close the doors as a result of identification of an authorized person by card reader or fingerprint reader and when recognizable signal is sent to the control panel, which you open doors by the door lock.

System Component

is a reader connected to the control box by cable and the identification of the card after exposing him after up to 10 cm

Magnetic lock mounted on wooden or glass doors or strike lock

It is a central control panel through which to identify the card reader through the process of management and the board can deal with a certain number of doors and can increase the number of doors that can be controlled via the Extension Modules

It opens the door when an employee locate inside and need to exit the room

Programming is used in the system to enter and save the data in the control panel and also shows and saves proximity card data by Software and can extract reports daily, weekly, monthly, yearly for all the cards that have been read‬‬‬

Is a program that contains a huge database that allows the introduction of a greater number of cards Alketronah database and when dropping off the program on your computer is defined as all components of the system are:
1. The definition of the control panel () Control Panel
2. Definition Card Reader () Reader
3. Electrical lock () Door Strike
the software entered all the data to be programmed cards (such as the user name of the user – job of user – place of user) can also be areas that allows him to enter into the institution itself and define the time period for the use of a allowed the cards selected.