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Intercom installation in buildings and apartments (and the way how to install intercom) with illustrations for the installation of intercom.

– Intercom different types, but the installation of intercom mostly be one in the same way in all species.

– Intercom consists of three main parts:

1. internal device (internal phone component of headphone and microphone), located in the apartment.

2. State the main board and the microphone and buttons to request apartments, as well as built-in key headset painting, the main board of nine (2, 4.8, 16, 32 240 line) can be added to the panel subset in the case of increasing the number of apartments that you want to subscribe to the intercom.

3- Power supply (electric) provider.

– Intercom Facility with each catalog illustrates how to connect the various parts of the intercom and some type of wire used to it.

– Smart House company in Egypt installing intercom in all types of buildings, Villa, apartments with the addition of the possibility of opening a door or gate and contact in front of the property through the intercom feature, the company intercom installed in buildings and apartments in just one day and provide authorized warranty

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