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System is based Banmark wherever you happen theft or breach of your home to your office for your company, through the movement control and break the doors and the glass and the system alerts you more than one way and the firing Sarenh warning or contact you on your mobile phone wherever you are and you can also watch this

How to benefit from the anti-theft system
Protect your business 24 hours either in the presence of staff or against intrusion
Protect Mozvink buttons Ataiwri
Control in the security system from anywhere you have
Get daily reports / weekly / monthly

The place in which they are to break through surveillance cameras or any mobile phone and that when linking surveillance system penetration system

System is characterized as a Kdraaly of security and flexibility where you can control it wherever you are and can not as the thief or hacker Aki_ah is not dependent on electricity outages and the percentage of false alarm by the almost non-existent

Types of system

It is a system suitable for other places without wireless For example, if you want to places all away

Who benefits from the system

Villas – Companies – Museums – shops – stores – Building entrance

We use the best brands including brand paradox