Product description

 RF anti-theft portals are positioned at the inlet and / or outlet store, checkout and / or outputs without purchase. Depending on the configuration of your store, they work in pairs or solo.

8.2 MHz, they will detect the products equipped with RF detection or ferrite labels Their simple and discreet design allows you to position them for all types of shops.

Standard spacing
Air synchronization system
Electronics and independent power supply for each antenna
Ideal for boxes islands
Integrated electronics in the foot

Digital digital map 5G managed by microprocessor
Excellent each side detection rate
Setting and stable operation over time
Analyzer false alarms
Detection area up to 1.60m in height

Technical data:

Height: 1.5m
Thickness base: 14cm. Width base: 38cm
Plexiglas Thickness: 2cm. Weight: 12,3Kgs.
Pedestal base: Length: 40cm. Width: 19 cm
Light and sound signals
Detection Area: 2m (1m on each side).
Plug and play
220V Power


Permanent lighting.
Remote trigger.
More colors available.
Customizable with your logo.


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