Servillence Systems (CCTV)

Watched and watched and recorded at any time from anywhere with Smart House Company control that will ensure you quality systems with the appropriate prices starting from end systems in private by shops and small homes to large-scale projects for companies such as surveillance systems and plants.

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Access Control

Smart House offers to its customers many special regulations to control the entry and exit and Time & Attendance and control the opening and closing the doors Systems

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Intrusion Systems

We offer a system based Banmark wherever you happen theft or breach of your home to your office for your company, through the movement control and break the glass doors and the system alerts you more than one way and the firing Sarenh warning or contact you on your mobile phone wherever you are.

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Fire Alarm

Secure your business or your factory or your home against fire outbreak and do not wait for a disaster and the loss of money Get a fire alarm from Smart House and Keep your money and your employees safe.

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Smart Home

Live welfare. Around your home or apartment to smart home Enjoy all the advantages obtained by the villas and palaces in the small of your home with the latest and smartest and cheapest smart home system in Egypt. New

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Security Gates

We are providing all kinds of security gates, such as metal detectors gates and X- Ray and clothing gates.

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Show your products and enjoy the greatest degree of safety

If you offer valuable products from Welcome to the Department of Protection of exhibits from theft If you from offering their products in open spaces such as malls and Alhaiberat or if you’re someone who owned shops for clothes or shoes or smartphones.

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Smart House is proud to provide its services in various security areas starting from small to large security complex systems and also offers many services associated with projects such as the replacement of old systems and the installation of new services and devices for protection against theft of services, products supply systems. Eas products, supply and installation of security systems products for external monitor.

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